Fixed Manual Razor
It is fixed on the razor holder and cannot be rotated. It includes two kinds, one with a two-layer blade on the razor holder, the earliest manual razor, commonly known as security knife. The other is a fixed head on the holder, and the head is composed of a single blade or more blades. Most of the razors are disposable.

Rotary Manual Razor
It means that the head can be rotated, removed and replaced, and the handle can be used continuously. The holder has a long handle and the blade is mounted on the holder in parallel with multiple layers. When shaving, the head can rotate on the pivot of the upper part of the holder with the change of face shape, so that the blade edge can maintain a good shaving angle. Besides, the front blade pulls out the roots of the whiskers, which are then cut off by the back blade. Hence, it is cleaner and more comfortable to use a rotary manual razor than a fixed manual razor.

Attention: A survey of experts found that the number of bacteria on the razor is more than 1,000 times that of paper money, and manual razors are more likely to breed bacteria than electric razors. Clean razor blades: replace blades after 2 to 4 weeks and do not use dull blades. Rinse thoroughly before and after use, and disinfect frequently. A 7 to 3 ratio of alcohol and water can be used to disinfect the razor head, which can prevent bacterial growth.