About us

Metallo Luster is a company integrating R&D, design, sales and marketing. The company is mainly engaged in disposable razor, razor blade, raw material for razor blade, ultra-thin precision belt, rubber and plastic products as well as plastic daily necessities.

Disposable Razor Blade: carefully select self-developed high quality stainless steel raw materials, as well as high quality stainless steel raw materials imported from abroad. Control the quality of finished blade from the source and from the geometric modeling of the blade to ensure the sharpness and durability. The high performance disposable razor is the best choice for trimming hair on the temples and beard, shaving and cutting woollen clothes. The blade has single and double-sided cutting edge, which are grinded and polished by high quality grinding wheel, so it has high sharpness and good durability. Accordingly, heat treatment and high vacuum chrome-plated sputtering will be carried out to enhance durability and comfort. The company provides one to six layers of high quality stainless steel blades.

Disposable Razor: the company can provide one to six layers of stainless steel disposable razors. The razor head can be with or without super smooth strip (lubrication strip), and the head cover is transparent(full cover/half cover).Handle is plastic, rubber or metal. Disposable razors are widely used in hotels, baths, personal care, beauty and hair salons, supermarkets, hospitals(clinical) and other fields, sold to various countries and regions.

Rubber and plastic products and plastic daily necessities: can be customized according to the specific samples and actual requirements.

The company believes in "quality first, customer first" principle, and guarantees reliable quality, timely delivery, abundant human and material resources as well as dependable credit, so it is to be highly praised and appreciated by the consuming public. Advanced quality control equipment, well and orderly management, scientific storage division, to ensure every customer's interests.


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